May 13, 2021 Zachary Kitchen

6 Important Cybersecurity Tips for Small Business Owners Copy

Any small business, new startup or other organization that chooses to discount the importance of cybersecurity could be making a very costly mistake. Failure to take adequate steps to protect data and online accounts can easily lead to a breach. The following tips can go a long way towards ensuring small business owners can better protect themselves and their organization.

1. Employee Training

Employees who have not been properly trained can often be a business’s biggest cybersecurity liability. Teaching staff and associates about good password practices and safe browsing habits is no longer a concern that business owners can afford to overlook. A properly trained staff is a major asset for ensuring a business’s network, digital infrastructure and sensitive data will remain safe and secure.

2. Basic Network Security

Failing to monitor the network or to take basic precautions to keep it secure is another common oversight, one that may have disastrous consequences. Networks with weak passwords or that lack a password entirely can allow anyone with WiFi to access critical business and account information. Protecting your business means protecting your network.

3. Utilize a Firewall

Cloud-storage and telecommuting workers mean that more and more aspects of business operations are able to be accessed from off-site. A firewall is an essential security tool, one that helps to address any number of potential threats. Erecting a firewall can be one of the most important tips for business owners who are seeking to beef up their online security.

4. Manage Account Access

Access to key accounts and sensitive information needs to be limited to only those employees who need it. Unrestricted access to key aspects of your businesses workflow, data and operations can lead to all sorts of problems. Running a tighter ship and ensuring that account access is being monitored and managed appropriately can make quite a difference.

5. Dealing With Mobile Devices

Mobile devices represent a unique security threat. Allowing workers to access the network from an unsecured smartphone can drastically increase the risk of a malware attack. Setting strict rules governing the use of mobile devices within the workplace is often a wise precaution.

6. Staying Informed

Cybersecurity threats can grow and evolve more quickly than many small business owners might realize. Learning more about any emerging threats, as well as the resources needed to address them, can be an important undertaking. Failing to stay informed regarding the latest online risks and threats could leave businesses unable to take the steps necessary to avoid a breach or prevent an attack.

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