October 25, 2021 Andy Williams


Thanks to automated tools, any business can be attacked by even just one rogue hacker. Automated software makes the most popular types of cybercrime like Ransomeware, phishing emails, and blue screen lockouts more common than you’d think. They’re looking to steal your data, logins, and personal information to keep for themselves or sell online.

We asked a certified ethical hacker, like Zach, to break into three computers using different kinds of attacks. He filmed it from both ends – from your screen, and from his.

This kind of behind-the-scenes look at what hackers do is rarely captured on video. These three clips show you how hackers can be in and out before you even know there’s been a breach.

The most popular type of cybercrime is called Ransomeware. This kind of attack employs software to automatically encrypt your data and lock you out of your network. All the hacker has to do is sneak in, upload the software, and sit back while they wait for you to pay.

The second attack shows you what a Man in the Middle, or “phishing” attack looks like. Here our bad guy turned good makes a fake login portal that’s supposed to look just like popular sites most of us use every day. Once you enter in your username, password and click submit, things can take a quick turn for the worst.

For the final attack, our hacker shows you why it’s so important to keep your software and operating system up-to-date. Updates never take more than a few minutes anyway. You can easily protect yourself by taking a little time to listen to those reminders you get when you start up the programs you use every day.

The attacks shown in these videos are all thankfully fake, but their impact is very real. We see the consequences of these kinds of attacks every day.

And now we have three questions for you:

  • Do you SEE how easy it can be for your network to be put in the wrong hands?
  • Do you KNOW your business has the proper training and software to protect your network and data?
  • After everything you’ve learned, WHEN can we take a look at your network to make sure your safety net is up to date?

Have us send out a member of our team to see if your safety net is up to date. We’re not trying to sell you anything. We’re here to help!

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