July 1, 2021 Zachary Kitchen

Your BIGGEST Cybersecurity Threat is on YOUR Payroll

Your biggest security weakness...

While it’s great that your business has a strong toolset to protect their businesses from outside threats, using advanced endpoint security, firewalls, and backups. That simply is NOT ENOUGH.

I’m not saying your employees have ulterior motives or are being malicious, but your BIGGEST threat for your business is NOT on the outside. It’s on the INSIDE, your employees!

Your employees are your weakest link for cybersecurity.

Have they accidentally clicked an email pretending to be from Microsoft, saying your Microsoft 365 bill is past due? Then they enter their username and password and nothing happened. Would they tell you about it?

I’m sure you know to not click on suspicious links, emails, and open attachments. But how well does your staff know?

You say, “My employees are smarter than that; they’d never do something like that.”

 Are you sure? Would you bet your entire business on it?

Can you AFFORD to depend on your employees’ skills to determine if an email was legitimate or not?

This guide will give you 5 significant pointers to help you assess how protected your business is.

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