June 22, 2022
Small Businesses Are More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks Than Large Companies

It’s not unusual for small business owners to think they are flying under the radar with cyberattacks. They feel their company is “too small” for hackers to worry about, so they don’t put the attention and budget into cybersecurity as they should. This way of thinking has caused many shocked business owners to reel from […]

June 20, 2022
Microsoft Teams Plan Comparison: Free vs M365 Business vs Teams Essentials

The shift to remote work over the last two years has caused companies to realign their digital tools. Now, many meetings default to being via video conference rather than in person, and working from home has become commonplace. Seventy-seven percent of remote workers say they’re more productive working from home (a big reason is fewer […]

June 15, 2022
How to Protect Your Online Accounts from Being Breached

Stolen login credentials are a hot commodity on the Dark Web. There’s a price for every type of account from online banking to social media. For example, hacked social media accounts will go for between $30 to $80 each. The rise in reliance on cloud services has caused a big increase in breached cloud accounts. […]

June 15, 2022
Why Cybersecurity Should Be Your Number One Priority

Of all the priorities a business has, technology is just one of many. Usually, revenue is number one, followed by things like employee productivity, good customer service, and other bottom-line factors. But one thing that can impact a bottom line as much or more than anything else is a cyberattack. Many small and mid-sized companies […]

June 10, 2022
6 Ways to Combat Social Phishing Attacks

Phishing is the number one method of attack delivery for everything from ransomware to credential theft. We are very aware of it coming by email, but other types of phishing have been growing rapidly. In recent years, phishing over social media has skyrocketed by 500%. There has also been a 100% increase in fraudulent social […]

June 5, 2022
4 Interesting Cloud Storage Trends to Watch for in 2022

One area of cloud computing that is used widely, but often isn’t as flashy as the software side is cloud storage. Storing files in the cloud to make them easily accessible and shareable from anywhere was one of the very first uses of the cloud that was adopted widely by many users. As advances like […]

May 31, 2022
5 Things You Should Never Do on a Work Computer

Whether you work remotely or in an office, the line between personal and work tasks can become blurred when working on your company computer. If you’re in front of a computer for most of your time during work, then it’s not unusual to get attached to your desktop PC. Over time, this can lead to […]

May 25, 2022
Alarming Phishing Attack Trends to Beware of in 2022

In 2020, 75% of companies around the world experienced a phishing attack. Phishing remains one of the biggest dangers to your business's health and wellbeing because it’s the main delivery method for all types of cyberattacks. One phishing email can be responsible for a company succumbing to ransomware and having to face costly downtime. It […]

May 23, 2022
Most Ransomware Victims Would Pay Up If Attacked Again

Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing cyber-crimes in the world. Last year, 37% of businesses were victims of an attack. In case you didn’t know, a ransomware attack is where cybercriminals infiltrate your network (or device) and steal your data by encrypting it. The data is still there, but you can’t access it. Then they […]

May 20, 2022
Important Steps to Take Before You Recycle a Mobile Phone Number 

It’s not unusual to change a mobile number from time to time. For example, when you move, you may want a number that is local to the area you just moved to. Companies also may end up recycling mobile numbers throughout their staff as people come and go. If you don’t properly detach your mobile […]

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