Shopping for a new IT support team can be a stressful process. This may even be your first time, but don’t worry, we have you covered.
A 15-minute discovery call is all it takes to put your mind at ease.


It's only 15 minutes, what have you got to lose?

Let’s find some time to talk first.

It’s the best way to see if we’d be the best fit for you. Every IT service company says they know what’s best for you without a second thought. Meeting with you is a way for us to hear your concerns and make sure we’re coming to you with valuable solutions for you and your company, not just a band-aid slapped on your issues until they become bigger problems.

What do we want to accomplish?

In this 15 minute introductory call, we want a chance to speak with you about concerns with your current IT support experience, what your business needs to grow in the future, and possible areas for improvement in how you use technology to facilitate growth for your company.

Who should be in this meeting?

Discovery calls are most beneficial when we can speak directly with the person in charge of the company. You know better than anyone else the needs of your business. After all, we’re here to help improve your relationship with the tech in your office, simplify day-to-day functions and offer solutions to help you grow.

What happens next?

The hardest part is over. Good help is hard to find, but we’ll do our best to show you the benefit of choosing quality IT support services. Once a call is scheduled, we book some time for one of our tech experts to speak to you directly. They’ll ask you questions about any software you use and what type of tech you have around the office so we can better understand your needs as a business.


It's only 15-minutes, what have you got to lose?


  • MicrosoftTeams-image (6)

    Marietta Cline

    Owner, Cline Pediatrics

    They Rescued My Practice

    “On a Friday, my practice had to be moved immediately without any notice. Digital Crisis not only managed to come out and get our IT up and running, but they had our phones and internet up and running by Monday morning, and we didn’t lose a single day of business! I can’t recommend Zach and his team enough.”
  • Managed Service client, Kelly Forester

    Kelly Forester

    Senior Partner, Matthews Forester Law Firm

    My Firm Runs Like a Well-Oiled Machine

    “I’ve worked with Zach for over 15 years. Digital Crisis takes their time to understand my practice and doesn’t try to shove a cookie-cutter system down our throat. When Digital Crisis first came in, they took the time to understand our firm and helped streamline and modernize our processes. ”
  • Sandra

    Sandra Van der Vorm

    Owner, Vansteen Marine Supply

    We Make Money FASTER Because of Digital Crisis

    “In 2010, my business had an old DOS-based server from 1995 that ran our proprietary software, which crashed. If it weren’t for Zach, we’d have to start completely over! Not only was Digital Crisis able to restore all our data, but they were also able to migrate us to a modern system which allowed us to get paid faster and work remotely.”

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