Managed Services

The systems we use in our professions and private lives have needs that you could be overlooking. After Setup, We take a dynamic approach to your business and it’s technology. One price, Thousands of benefits.

Automatic Encrypted Backups

End to End Data Encryption for your data. Simple & Easy Recovery when files are lost or corrupted. Protection from Ransomware attacks

Health & Threat Reports

Automatically generated reports about your system. These comprehensive reports relay the overall health of your machine, network, and giving you an itemized list of tasks performed for the upkeep of your machine.

User Management

We provide user onboarding and termination. We maintain an accurate list of approved to minimize security risks and to provide tailored customer service.

Customized Scripts

Automate everyday electronic business processes through code.

Mobile Device Managment

Our client even supports mobile devices, manage your desktops, servers, and smartphones in the same place with the same control.

Anti-Virus & Malware Shield

Automatic Virus and Malware scans. Including Zero Hero Threat Detection and Web Protection, our system is always scanning for the latest threats to keep your information protected.

A.I. Powered Risk Evaluation

Risk never sleeps, but neither does Artificial Intelligence. Constantly watching your Windows running machines observing for vulnerabilities your systems that can be exploited.

Asset Tracking

We keep track of all your systems, networking equipment, licenses, warranties, and software keys. We monitor the complete life cycle of your system and keep you informed.

ISP Management

Never call your Internet Service provider again. You have better things to do than sit on hold.


We keep tabs on all your system’s components. Monitoring benchmarks, comparing expected versus actual results, and making adjustments to your machine to aide performance.

Proactive Maintenance

Our mission is for your business technology to remain optimally functional. Through data collection and analysis, we can make recommendations to improve your system’s quality and extend its lifespan.

Planning & Recovery

We consult with you and strategize against possible electronic and physical risks your business might face. When disaster does strike, we will help get you back to where you were before.

Network Management

Network Reports, DDOS Protection, Network Audits. DNS Hosting. Firewall Management.

Hardware Failure Detection

Our system is constantly monitoring your machine and will alert us in advance at the first sign of failure.

WiFi Management

We will install and manage your WiFi. Eliminating drop off points in your business. You deserve better and consistent internet connection.

Spam & Content Filtering

Say goodbye to a messy inbox. Don’t risk missing important emails because your inbox is filled with junk. Our system automatically quarantines suspicious and spam items.

Remote Services

With our agent installed on your machine, we can access your desktop and solve many issues. It’s immediate which means you don’t have to wait for a technician and the unreliable service windows.

Office 365 Integrations

Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and the Other Office products available to you online from anywhere. All your data accessible on the go.

Software Deployment

Installations, Upgrades, Repairs, & Removals.

I.T. Audits

A complete holistic overview of your business and technology.

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