If You Don't LIKE or TRUST Your IT Company With Your Bank Account, FIRE Them NOW

Zachary Kitchen
July 27, 2022
If You Don't LIKE or TRUST Your IT Company With Your Bank Account, FIRE Them NOW

Computers, networks, and firewalls might not seem very personal, but they are. You need to be completely comfortable and familiar with the people that take care of your technology for you, otherwise, your business as a whole could suffer.

Would you trust your IT company with your bank account login?

If the answer is “No,” then you need to start looking for a new MSP partner. Because you are actually trusting them with a whole lot more than just one account. You’re entrusting your very business and livelihood to your IT provider.

Stop for a minute and think about all the things your managed services provider can impact or access:

  • Your company network relies on them
  • They can protect you from a costly data breach (or not)
  • They have access to all your business systems, typically at an administrative level
  • They often hold the keys to your backup data
  • Your business future can depend on how much they decide to help you
  • They are the thing keeping all your sensitive business data private and secure

Digitally advanced small businesses have a 3.2x better customer retention rate than less advanced peers.

Beyond needing to trust your IT service provider implicitly, you should also like them. If you don’t enjoy interacting with them and dread when you have to contact them, that’s a big red flag that it’s time to move on.

Why Do Companies Lose Trust in IT Providers?

What can cause a company to lose trust in the person or firm that handles its technology management? It’s usually a collection of factors and signs along the way that a business owner may have ignored initially. 

Are they local?

  • We are one of the best Houston IT support companies and have called the city home since the beginning.

Do they answer the phone live?

  • We have a familiar voice on the other end of the line every time. Our help desk is also based here in Houston so someone from your city can get you the help you're looking for.

If any of these scenarios ring true for you, then you need to revisit who you trust with your business IT management.

Doesn’t Tell You Exactly What They Did to Fix Something

No one likes to admit mistakes, and sometimes IT partners may make an error that causes you to have a period of downtime or some other network issue. If this happens, good IT providers fess up and let you know in detail what happened, why, how it was fixed, and how they’ll keep it from happening again.

If your technology provider is vague about what they fixed during a service call or doesn’t offer up a detailed explanation in layman’s terms, then your “trust antennae” have good reason to perk up.

Inconsistent Response & Service Delivery

When you first start with a new IT partner, you’re bound to get excellent service. But watch out if you see this fade over time. This can happen for a few different reasons, and whichever it is, inconsistent IT service and response hurts your bottom line.

One reason you may see this is an MSP may have wanted to make sure you didn’t cancel, so they prioritized your service calls for the first few months. But now that they feel you’re cozied in, you get a lower response priority.

Another reason for inconsistent response times and service is if the IT partner has a high staff turnover rate. The “good” IT person may have left, and they’re scrambling to onboard new people.

Constant Billing Errors

Billing errors happen from time to time, it’s human nature to make mistakes sometimes. But if you see billing errors on your IT invoices repeatedly and they are never or hardly ever in your favor, then there is good reason to suspect these aren’t errors at all.

You shouldn’t have to watch your invoices like a hawk to ensure you’re not overcharged. If you start to experience this, it’s a signal that you need to find a more trustworthy Houston IT company

They Try to Upsell You Rather Than Offering Appropriate Advice

Almost every company hopes that their customers may buy more from them, but that’s no reason to put on the high-pressure sales or pull out scare tactics. You should feel comfortable interacting with your IT provider when they visit, not feel like you’re on a used car lot.

If your MSP is constantly trying to upsell you on more services that you don’t really need, this is a sign that they don’t have your best interests at heart. Good and trustworthy IT providers will give you appropriate advice on things that could improve your business, but won’t pressure you into anything. 

They Can’t Wait to Leave Your Building

Your relationship with your IT pro should be a close and friendly one. After all, they are really an extension of your business and vital to your security and operations. 

If your MSP’s technicians come in to service your devices, rarely talk to anyone, and can’t wait to leave, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. IT providers that have your best interests at heart will get to know you and your team so they can learn workflows and IT challenges. This is how we better serve you and become a valuable team player.

Wondering What a Wonderful IT Relationship Looks Like?

Look no further than Digital Crisis! We can’t wait to help your Houston area business with trouble-free IT management that enables your team and secures your data.  

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Call 713-965-7200 or reach us online.

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