Should You Hire a Computer Tech or Outsource IT Support?

Zachary Kitchen
September 14, 2022
Should You Hire a Computer Tech or Outsource IT Support

Information Technology is one very significant industry globally. We have grown to rely on computers and related technology to accelerate and simplify how we live and what we do. We use IT for almost everything – to communicate, transact business, and sometimes escape reality.

Unfortunately, computers are prone to failure and need maintenance to remain operational and productive for as long as possible. So, when something happens to your IT setup, everything, from homes to businesses, comes to a standstill. A typical IT delivery support service contract requires you to wait for something to break before your provider can fix it. This appears to make sense. But think about this – what if you could prevent your IT from malfunctioning in the first place?

To overcome this, many successful businesses will contract out their IT needs to external organizations that can manage their IT systems without directly supporting them. This is not to say that this system of managing your IT department is frowned upon by many others – many doubt the usage of outsourced IT teams. 

While big organizations often have an IT department as one of the numerous departments in their structure, this might not be the best idea for SMEs, which often lack the means to own and maintain an IT department.

Unless, as an SME owner, you have extensive experience as an Information Technology Service Provider, chances are, as your business expands, you would have less time to handle more important tasks, such as your time would be better spent marketing your products and services, building relationships with your clients, providing exceptional customer service, and generally growing your business. 

Basically, engagement increases, and essential operations begin to take more time. This is when you know you need support in the IT aspect. Then comes the big question. Will it make more sense to develop and hire personnel, or will it make more sense to outsource to an external IT Service Provider?

Should You Outsource to an External IT Service Provider or Hire Internal IT Staff?

Over 40% of companies planned to increase their outsourcing after the pandemic, focusing on finding skill sets they do not have in-house. So, relax; you're not alone.

When deciding to get IT support, your first consideration will be whether new staff will be capable of handling it as you have before now. Having dedicated IT employees means they are entirely devoted to your company. They are not dividing their time among several clients as outsourcing organization staff could. 

One of the advantages of having an IT department is that the team gets a deep grasp of your specific company demands and should be able to manage your short- and long-term IT needs. With your own IT team on the payroll, you know you'll always have someone accessible (unless there are emergencies) in the event of an emergency or urgent crisis.

However, the main disadvantage of hiring IT personnel is that you will be responsible for their benefits, training, and other fees connected with recruiting new employees. Also, you must be aware that you must pay them the agreed-upon wage regardless of how much IT work you have, which implies you may be overpaying in allowances and salaries depending on workload!

Here is when an external IT service provider comes in.

Outsourcing to an external IT service provider has several advantages over recruiting people. Here are a few examples:

Reduces Operating Costs 

An in-house IT support team would necessitate purchasing and updating all necessary office hardware and software. This is in addition to salary, bonuses, office space, and any other required expenses. All of this is far more expenditure that will transfer to your product or service price, making you less competitive in your sector.

Outsourcing your IT allows your firm to get the benefits of a full-service IT workforce without the overhead expenses and administration duties. This may be obtained for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. For example, with an outsourced IT team, you may not need to purchase technology — or the updates that it necessitates regularly. MSPs come with their own tools and staff, after all. You also will not have to pay for sick leave, incentives, or other perks that a full-time in-house team would need.

An outsourcing firm provides your organization with a ready-to-respond IT workforce, improving your cybersecurity at a cheaper cost. Because of the decreased operating expenses, you can comfortably provide competitive rates to your consumers, increasing your competitive edge.

Minimizes Risk

When you have an MSP working on your behalf behind the scenes, you essentially remove the potential of cyber assaults or downtime. When outsourcing IT to third-party professionals, you eliminate the risks that may hold a firm back and harm its brand, such as long periods of platform downtime or client data breaches. Also, some of the most bothersome features of computer technology involve compliance difficulties and changing national and international rules and regulations. An MSP's responsibility includes staying on top of these developments to guarantee that you are constantly in complianc

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Finding the correct information technology assistance for a growing organization is difficult. When you think strategically about your company's particular IT requirements, you can make sensible decisions that will help it expand and profit.

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