How an IT Provider Can Be a PROFIT Center and Not Another Expense

Zachary Kitchen
October 12, 2022
How an IT Provider Can Be a PROFIT Center and Not Another Expense

When you’re looking over all your bills at the end of the month, you might see managed IT services and think of it as just another expense. Something that is the cost of doing business.

But there is so much more that a relationship with an IT provider can bring to the table. Rather than being a cost, your provider can be a profit center. Just think of how much your business relies on technology to operate, and the possibilities begin to come into focus.

Well-optimized technology is directly tied to profitability, productivity, and revenue. Here are some findings from a study on the advantages that digitally advanced SMBs have over those that are less advanced:

  • Twice as likely to have employees that collaborate regularly
  • See revenue growth nearly 4x as high
  • Earn 2x the revenue per employee

That all sounds great, but many companies falter when it comes to their technology infrastructure. They’re playing “hit or miss” with SaaS (Software as a Service) tools, and not keeping up with cybersecurity needs.

A relationship with a trusted IT partner can boost your business significantly because it ties directly into the technology that runs just about every facet of a company today.

Here are some of the ways that working with a partner like Digital Crisis can be a PROFIT center for your business.

Enable Your Team to Do More Business-Building Work

Employees are often bogged down in manual, repetitive tasks. They need to enter data into software, send out manual reminders to customers, and similar time-consuming work.

Over forty percent of surveyed workers say they spend at least 25% of their work week on repetitive activities. Further, it’s estimated that in most jobs, at least a third of the workflow can be automated.

IT providers can help you automate those repetitive tasks using AI and machine learning-enabled applications. We will review your current workflow and identify areas where automation will free up your team to focus on more business-building activities.

Improve Your Lead & Customer Experience

When people have difficulty interacting with your company, they’re likely to go elsewhere. What do we mean by that? 

Well, say that someone tries to call to discuss a sales quote. The salesperson isn’t available because they’re working from home that day. So, the person waits, but the salesperson never gets the message because it was scribbled on a piece of paper and left on a desk somewhere.

That lead is likely to be another company’s sale by the time someone asks about that prospect again. Little mistakes like this add up to lost revenue for your business. They can be solved with help from your IT partner. 

An IT partner can suggest better methods of communication and follow-up tools that improve your customer experience. Happy leads and customers, stick with you and buy things from you.

From a VoIP phone system to helping you set up and optimize applications like Microsoft Teams, your sales can be boosted by the right technology. All communications can be kept in one place (no more sticky notes), and staff can get their calls no matter where they are. The result is more sales conversions because you’re giving prospects and customers a more responsive experience. 

Improve Wi-Fi Speed & Performance

Just about every business activity today relies on an internet connection. If that connection is slow, then office productivity is dragged down with it. When employees must wait on applications to respond, those seconds add up to less productivity for your business overall.

IT providers are networking experts. We can improve the speed and performance of Wi-Fi and use targeted ethernet (cable) connections to provide even more speed to certain devices, such as servers.

When your Wi-Fi speed is faster, so is the speed at which your business can operate.

Expanding Your Customer Service Capabilities

Have you ever lost customers because there was something you couldn’t offer? Maybe they wanted to receive a service you provide virtually instead of in person. Or they thought you were less advanced than a competitor because you couldn’t provide SMS shipment tracking alerts.

IT providers can help you expand your customer service capabilities by applying the right technology to your customer pain points. We take an objective look at the limitations that customers are running into and work with you to find feasible solutions.

Often a solution is right there in front of you, it just takes the right technical know-how to make it a reality. By expanding what you can offer your customers, you reduce lost business and increase your competitiveness.

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