How Managed Backups Can Save Your Business and Money in the Long Run

Zachary Kitchen
February 11, 2020
Managed Backups are a more secure way to keep your data safe.

It’s all too easy to put off getting managed backups – until it’s too late and your business data has disappeared. Despite the proven pain of data loss, many small to medium businesses (SMBs) continue to stick their heads in the sand when thinking about the need for backup.

Don’t fall prey to these common SMB fallacies!

“It won’t happen to us.”

Based on current rates, it’s a coin flip whether you’ll experience a data breach or get hit by a ransomware attack in the next year.

  • 46% of US companies experienced a data breach in the U.S. in 2018 (and the number is growing each year).

“We’re too small to be targeted for a cyber-attack.”

Attackers see SMBs as softer targets than enterprises, as they have fewer security resources, less sophisticated defenses, and are more inclined to pay ransoms because they simply can’t afford the downtime.

“We don’t have anything hackers want.”

If you run a business, you have the information that attackers want. From customer/employee records to proprietary information, your data has value to criminals and competitors.

“We have antivirus software in place. We don't need managed backups"

Installing antivirus software and email filters are simply no longer enough to protect your business in the face of today's’ sophisticated attacks.

  • 86% of ransomware victims had antivirus installed, 65% had email/spam filters, and 29% had pop-up blockers.
  • 72% of victims say exploits and malware evaded intrusion detection systems, 82% say they evaded antivirus solutions.

“I’m not convinced. I just really don’t think we’re a target for a cyber-attack.”

Even if your business is lucky enough to never face a cyber-attack, there are a multitude of other ways you can lose valuable data…and most of them start with simple user mistakes.

“Most of our data is in the cloud – that means it’s safe right?”

SaaS applications are still vulnerable to data loss because human error is the main cause of data loss.

“Microsoft stores our data, right? So, we’ll be able to get it back.”

Office 365 only stores data for 30 days and Microsoft themselves recommend the use of a third-party backup solution in their Microsoft Services Agreement.

By now, it’s clear that no business is immune to data loss — even yours. When it happens, it hurts.

This a break down of just some of the major statistics we track when a data breach occurs.

The effects of a breach don’t just end with this list, the impact of a data breach can be felt long after it occurs. Some consequences can’t be measured, like the effect a breach will have on the morale and trust of your colleagues and clients.

So, what can you do to protect your business with managed backups?

While implementing a comprehensive, layered security strategy can be a complex undertaking, the simplest first step you can take to mitigate the threat of data loss is to start using a third-party backup solution. Having a full backup of your data makes recovering from a data loss incident much easier.

Don’t become another statistic about data loss.

Let’s find the right backup solution for your business needs.

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