January 22, 2020 Zachary Kitchen

5 Important Ways that a Managed Services Provider Can Save Your Business Money

Companies trying to reduce their costs often cut corners in various areas. They may handle their own social media account rather than hiring an outside consultant and may try to deal with IT maintenance and security on their own.

While some budget-conscious decisions are frugal, others can actually cost you more than the alternative, and one of these is managed IT services from managed service providers (MSPs).

Whether your business is in Houston or any other city in the U.S., it’s likely that your technology is the heart of your operations. Companies need their IT running smoothly for everything from doing employee payroll to sending a client a sales presentation.

Trying to handle all your devices and network maintenance and security on your own can cause multiple costly issues that add up to big losses over time and end up being much more than the price of an IT services plan.

Each unmanaged computer costs a business $5,000 per year.

The estimated cost of a computer that’s not managed properly is $5,000 a year! Why so much? Because multiple costs can come up when technology is left on “auto-pilot.” These include:

  • Costs of downtime
  • Loss of productivity
  • Emergency repair costs
  • Costs due to virus removals 
  • Data breach costs

Working with a good MSP, like Digital Crisis, can help lower your costs for IT management while also taking the stress out of keeping your tech running smoothly.

How You Can Save Through a Managed IT Services Plan

Whichever business you’re in, if your technology is running well, so is your business. If your company struggles with IT issues throughout the day because you’re trying to do it yourself, you could end up with a day of missed opportunities and no forward motion.

When considering whether to look into Houston IT services or keep struggling, consider these ways that an MSP lowers your overall IT costs, rather than adding to them.

Reduced Cybersecurity Risks & Costs

43% of cyberattacks target small businesses and over 77% of organizations don’t have a cybersecurity response plan in place.

From the rise in ransomware attacks to breaches of client or employee databases, businesses are facing a daily onslaught of hackers trying to get into their networks and devices.

Working with an MSP means an expert has your back when it comes to your IT security. This includes anti-virus and malware programs and AI powered risk monitoring to ensure any threats to your network are caught and dealt with before they end up in a costly intrusion.

Patch & Update Management

When you have multiple devices, that means multiple updates to handle. Between software, operating systems, and device firmware, if updates aren’t applied in a timely manner, your network could be at risk.

Many companies rely on their users to manage their own device updates, but this can lead to vulnerabilities in your network as users get busy and forget to apply a new patch.

1 in 3 data breaches are caused by unpatched vulnerabilities.

With a managed services plan, you can relax knowing that your updates and patch management are all being handled for you in a timely manner to keep your devices and data secure.

Improved Equipment Lifespan

When your devices are properly maintained, they last longer, just like your car. 

If you were to drive around without changing the oil or having any maintenance done, you’d be in for a costly breakdown and your car’s lifespan would be cut short.

The same is true of your computers and other hardware. If it’s left unmaintained, issues can crop up that make it sluggish over time and cut its life short.

Having an MSP maintain your PCs, means not only will they run better, they’ll also last longer, giving you more years of return on your investment.

User Tech Support

If you have just 12 employees that spend 20 minutes a day trying to deal with an IT issue because they don’t have anyone they can contact for support, that’s 20 hours per week in lost productivity (or over $1400 per month, at $18 per hour).

A big benefit of working with outsourced IT services is that you have an MSP at your side that can be there whenever your employees need them for phone support, remote login, or in person support. So, less time is spent struggling and more time being productive.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

One of the biggest forms of malware facing companies today is ransomware. A ransomware attack costs small businesses an average of $713,000 per incident. 

Too often a company does not have a reliable back up to save them and ends up having to both pay the attacker the ransom to get access to their data back and pay the costs of downtime and lost reputation.

Managed backup and disaster recovery provided with a managed services plan keeps your company protected against all types of business disrupting issues including:

  • Ransomware
  • Natural disasters
  • Fire or flood
  • Hard drive crash
  • Disruption in cloud services
  • Accidental or malicious data deletion

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