February 19, 2020 Zachary Kitchen

6 Compelling Reasons to Put Your Business Phone System in the Cloud

Cloud adoption has skyrocketed in the last 5 years as businesses have discovered the magic combination of lower costs and more capabilities by moving their work processes and software to cloud-based services.

The Cloud is the perfect example of how technology can improve a company’s productivity and capabilities at the same time as making their technology infrastructure less expensive.

Cloud-based phone systems, aka VoIP phones, are just another example of the benefits of taking an offline business function and moving it online.

VoIP has been around for a while, but it’s really started to see an acceleration in adoption rates as the cloud infrastructure has become more mature and faster internet connections speeds have enabled crystal-clear quality.

By 2021, 90% of IT leaders will stop purchasing on-premises communication tools.

If you’re still hanging on to that landline-based on-premises phone system, you may want to consider a move to the cloud this year. Read on to learn the considerable benefits that a transition to VoIP can offer.

Advantages of Moving Your Phones to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is basically a system that allows you to use an internet connection rather than phone line to make and receive calls. Some immediate questions that tend to come to mind when considering a move from landline to cloud phones are:

  • Can we still use handsets with call transferring? 


  • Will we have to worry about call quality? 

(No. Today’s internet speeds that can support streaming in HD also support excellent voice quality for VoIP)

  • Do VoIP phones have the same initial setup costs as traditional phones?

(No. There are no equipment set up costs.)

Cloud phone systems are becoming the new normal for businesses around the world, and here are the reasons why.

Cost Savings in Multiple Areas

A key consideration for making the switch from on-premises phone lines to cloud-based phones is the significant costs savings which can be as much as 75% less for operational costs and 40% savings on local calls.

International calling is also drastically cheaper (by about 90%) because you’re using an internet connection rather than phone carrier plan to make the call.

Cost savings when upgrading to VoIP come from multiple areas, including:

  • No initial setup costs (a traditional PBX system for 20 users can cost up to $14,500 to set up)
  • No local phone taxes and fees added to monthly phone bill
  • No equipment maintenance needed
  • You can add or remove lines anytime, paying for only what’s needed
  • No installation fees when you want to add a new line
  • Costs for both local and international calls are lower

 Phone Calls Can Be Answered Anywhere

The offices of the today don’t necessarily need to be tied to a physical location and workers increasingly have options for remote working from home. Cloud technology has changed our concept of an office and made it much more mobile.

A cloud-based phone system frees you to not only rearrange workstations at your office however you like without worrying about physical phone lines, it also allows you and your employees to answer your business phone from any location.

This flexibility is an important part of keeping your business operational in the face of some type of damage or outage at your physical office. Your VoIP lines can be answered from any internet connected device, including your smartphone.

Enterprise-Class Features

Many small businesses that upgrade to VoIP phones are surprised at all the features that come standard with their plans. Things like auto-attendant, hold music, and dial by name directories can make your small business sound like an enterprise company from a caller’s point of view, but for a fraction of the cost of those features on a landline system.

Number Flexibility

One of the things that holds some businesses back from moving to a cloud phone system is that they don’t want to lose their business phone number. You don’t have to. Digital Crisis can set you up with a VoIP service that allows you to keep your phone number or choose a new one from any state. You can even pick a toll-free number.

Easily Manage Your Lines

With traditional landline PBX systems, you’re at the mercy of a service provider if you want to add a line or change a calling tree or another setting. 

Cloud-based phone systems are designed with user-friendly interfaces and you can simply log into a web portal to manage all your lines and extensions and any features, like changing your hold music.

Local & Personalized Support

You won’t have to worry that you’re not going to have local support when you sign up for a cloud phone system.

Digital Crisis is based here in Houston and we’re here when you need us for any support questions or to help you configure your VoIP features.

Make the Switch to VoIP Today with Digital Crisis

Enjoy the freedom and cost savings that come with a move to a cloud phone system. We can help you get going with the personalized setup you need in no time.

Contact us today to learn more! Call 713-965-7200 or reach us online.

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