A little more about the transition:

Digital Crisis is a well established global leader in IT Support with decades of experience in IT services and solutions.  Their value-driven approach has led them to become a market leader in IT solutions.  The CEO of Digital Crisis (Zachary Kitchen) and our founder Markus Langenfeld have a great relationship having worked together on many projects for years, they have the same shared values toward customer support, and we are confident that this new opportunity will be a great fit for you moving forward.   You can find additional information about Digital Crisis at their website, www.DigitalCrisis.com.

To facilitate a smooth transition of your accounts to Digital Crisis, Daryl Cheng as Director of Products for CX Management, will be working with Digital Crisis and will continue to assist clients of SmartBundle™.  To also better serve your needs, Digital Crisis has already relocated the data centers from Minnesota to the more centralized Houston, Texas and has begun servicing and providing the IT services we have been offering. 

What changes to expect:

  • All calls and emails to SmartBundle™ are now being serviced by Digital Crisis
  • Support emails should now go to [email protected]
  • All future invoicing will come from Digital Crisis, LLC
  • All products and solutions provided by SmartBundle™ will be transitioned into similar Digital Crisis products and solutions.
  • Digital Crisis will be contacting you to schedule a videoconference to discuss any questions about the transition, your needs, and any issues or concerns you may have.

We wish you continued success and growth as you move forward with Digital Crisis.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Zachary Kitchen at his office at (713) 965-7200 or email him directly at [email protected]

Houston IT support expert and CEO of Digital Crisis, Zachary Kitchen

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