How This ONE Tool Can Save Time AND Protect Your Business

Zachary Kitchen
November 9, 2022
How This ONE Tool Can Save You Time AND Protect Your Business

Nowadays, all online platforms practically require logins before usage, and being an individual or a business does not reduce the quality or complexity of logins. Again, as an individual or a business, you are likely to have tens, if not hundreds of passwords for various websites and platforms you utilize daily. Of course, passwords are usually your first line of protection regarding cyber security. Hence, it is not surprising that it can be difficult to remember passwords for every platform – internal, external, and even communication tools.

Using a weak or single password for multiple accounts can make it simple for cyber thieves to access your accounts, putting your finances, time, and possibly identity at risk.

Password managers help you store numerous passwords and login details. They come in handy as the demand for more complex passwords grows. What's more, you only need to remember one password to access your numerous passwords. By having to remember only one password, you save time, protect your business, and avoid cyber-attacks.

This article will explain how password managers work and how they actually benefit you as a business and as an individual. 

What are Password Managers? 

Password managers are programs that store and manage login details such as emails and passwords. This software also helps to create passwords for both online and offline use. Unlike other types of password systems, password managers may sync login information across devices, even employee-owned devices, allowing you to use the same password manager on all your devices (phone, home computer, company computer, and other devices).

Furthermore, some password managers enable users to securely share login information for a specific service, which can be useful for business resources that multiple users(staff) utilize.

One essential feature of a password manager is the ability to generate and preserve strong passwords each time a user comes up with a new account for an online service. This allows users to use unique, strong passwords, considerably boosting the security of online accounts and the data stored in them.

Some password managers even assist you in filling out login windows, changing passwords, or determining the strength of your present passwords. Basically, password managers act like a security team, helping you manage password security and keeping things in the secure end. 

In password managers, passwords are often stored in encrypted databases and secured by a master password. This master password is created by the user and can be any jumble as long as they are characters. You can see why IT professionals recommend password managers.

How Password Managers Benefit You and Your Business

Below are some ways by which password managers benefit businesses and individuals:

  • Save time and increase productivity

Many people do not consider password managers to be a productivity aid. They do not know that, if utilized appropriately, such a tool may save you loads of time.

For example, a password manager has the autofill feature. This feature eliminates the need to manually put in credit card information, crypto wallet addresses, passwords, and other confidential information. Password managers often work closely with autosave features to allow users to rapidly save newly-generated passwords online. For password managers used explicitly by businesses, they typically provide business-specific functionalities. 

  • Make online account administration simple and safe.

Companies that do their business entirely online are familiar with the difficulties of managing and safeguarding numerous online accounts at once. Creating a single and distinct password for each account and safely storing those passwords will almost always lead to password fatigue. This, in turn, induces using one password for multiple accounts, dramatically increasing the risk of getting hacked.

This is where a company password manager can help in the password overhaul struggle. As long as you store all your passwords in the password manager and do not forget your master password, the chances of getting hacked are very close to zero.  

  • Strengthen a business' general security level

With each new day, cyber criminals are, unfortunately, getting better at cracking passwords as technology improves. Almost every day comes with news of a data breach; every 39 seconds, there is an attack somewhere on the web. And one factor that makes this all too common is poor password hygiene. Poor password hygiene is the habit of storing passwords in an insecure manner. It is frequently one of the key reasons for a data breach.

Password managers not only enhance the organization's password hygiene but also improve the company's overall security posture. By adopting a password manager for business use, businesses can enforce and maintain company-wide password regulations. This ensures all accounts are adequately safeguarded. 

Additionally, a password manager keeps all company passwords in one location. This will help business security and protect them from hackers, as having company passwords in numerous places increases the chances of getting hacked.

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