IT Guys LOVE When Your Systems Are Down

Zachary Kitchen
August 3, 2022
IT Guys LOVE When Your Systems Are Down

Why on earth would an IT service provider want your systems to go down? Isn’t that what they’re supposed to keep from happening?

Yes, in theory. And yes if they’re a reliable and good managed services provider (MSP). But unfortunately, not all in the IT biz are. Some MSPs are just looking to make money every time they get an emergency call.

These less than trustworthy MSPs are in the fire prevention business vs firefighting business. What we mean by that is their business model depends on things going wrong so they can rush in to come to fix them, charging you a premium.

This type of IT service provider would rather fight fires than work to help you prevent them. Why would this be? Here are a few reasons:

  • They can charge more in an emergency
  • When they fix something, rather than work to keep things from breaking, they have less accountability 
  • They don’t want to invest the time to prevent IT issues
  • They don’t want to invest the time to learn about your business so they can help you optimize your IT  

When your systems go down, an IT service provider can come in and save the day. Why have the pressure of trying to keep your systems from going down in the first place, when they can just sit back until you call and be the hero?

The truth is that real IT heroes look at things completely differently. Companies like Digital Crisis focus on prevention so you can avoid costly and disruptive downtime. While preventing attacks might not be as flashy as coming to fix a major meltdown, we know that it’s the type of IT support that’s best for your business continuity and growth.

The managed IT services market is exploding as company technology environments get a little more complex every year. Between 2020 and 2027 the worldwide MSP market is expected to more than double, from $152 to $311 billion

You want to make sure you know how to find the prevention experts and steer clear of the ones that like for your IT to go down so they can just come and fix it. 

How can you tell which is which? We’ll go over some of the things we do to prevent IT downtime for your business. These are hallmarks of an IT service provider that you want to have on your side.

How Does Digital Crisis Prevent IT Emergencies & Downtime?

Staying secure and operational is what’s best for your business. The fewer IT problems you have, the more productive your team is and the better experience you give customers. 

Helping to prevent server crashes, ransomware attacks, updates gone wrong, and other IT emergencies, takes a layered and diligent approach. Here’s how we do it.

Hardware Monitoring Detection

We continually monitor your machines to ensure they are in good health. When we get the first hint of an impending failure, we jump into action to fix the issue before the system actually goes down.

Proactive Maintenance

Nearly every experienced car owner knows that you need to change the oil regularly to keep your car running and prevent a breakdown. A similar type of preventative maintenance is needed to keep your technology running smoothly.

Our mission is to keep your systems up and running, optimized, and secure. We use data collection and analysis tools to identify areas that need attention and ways that we can improve the lifespan and quality of your equipment.

Cyber Security Audits

If your current IT service provider isn’t doing cybersecurity audits regularly, this is an indication that they’re failing you. These are needed to identify any new vulnerabilities that might have materialized due to a change in systems or a recent software update.

We’ll audit your systems on an ongoing basis to ensure there are no ticking security timebombs in your network just waiting to be exploited. We address cybersecurity from a prevention standpoint, working to keep you from ever experiencing a breach or malware infection.

Health & Threat Reports

We use automatically generated reports to do regular “checkups” of your systems. These help us address anything that may need attention and ensure all areas of your IT are healthy and running optimally.

These reports, which we provide to you, give insights into the overall health of your PCs, network, and other hardware. You will also see an itemized list of all the tasks performed for the upkeep of your IT environment. 

Keep You Updated on Important Technology Events (EOL dates, etc.)

End of Life (EOL) for software is when a developer stops supporting that product and officially retires it. This means it has no more updates or security patches being issued. When that happens, you need to upgrade the software or uninstall it from your systems.

Recent EOL events included Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player, and Internet Explorer. These can creep up on you if you’re not paying attention. When you work with us, you don’t have to. We keep you updated on software that is about to lose support as well as other important technology events and trends.

Work with a IT Service Provider That Focuses On Downtime Prevention

Tired of so many IT emergencies? Is downtime dragging down your team’s productivity? Digital Crisis can help your Houston area business improve its operations and mitigate IT-related outages.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Call 713-965-7200 or reach us online.

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