7 CRAZY password security issues I've seen...

Zachary Kitchen
June 23, 2021
Password Security Issues Can Be A Thing Of The Past.

I know this is way off-topic, but do you know how McDonald's became successful? It wasn't a special burger; it wasn't even a special sauce. This time "the secret is in the sauce" doesn't apply. It was the "Speedee Service System." If you haven't watched "The Founder" I highly recommend it. It's on Netflix right now. We'll get to password security in just a moment.

What the Speedee process did was eliminate every possible wasted second. People weren't impressed with the burger itself, and they were impressed with how fast the burgers were ready. Today the fast-food industry is a 647.7 BILLION dollar industry. Why? Because time is money and their food is fast.

Clearly, we're an IT service provider, and I'm not here to sell you a franchise or get you into the fast-food industry but to demonstrate how shaving a few seconds off here and there can improve productivity. Every single second counts. In my last blog, I talk about using the calendar for better time management. This time we're killing two birds with one stone, we're addressing security and time.

Is your password security managed by one of those little books in the first or second drawer on the right-hand side of your desk?

Funny story, I visited THREE clients this past week that had just that. Now you might not be running a Fortune 500 company, and you think you don't have much to hide. But if you can write down your password, then it's already weak and insecure. Because who's really going to have ":3jJAk^,L8g>/-a?" as their password? Why not? Because it would be a pain in the a** to type that in every time. But THREE people in one week? I'm willing to bet some of you do too, and you're thinking, "Well...crap." What would happen if someone stole that book? Do you have a backup? What if they logged into every account and changed the password on everything? How can I make my password security issues a thing of the past? That'd be a REAL nightmare. What's worse? It's EASY for it to happen.

So you don't keep your password in a book in a desk drawer because you're smarter than that, and you're free and clear. Right? Not so fast. Do you have a Word document or an Excel file called "Passwords/Vendors/Accounts" that you share with your employees so they can log in to different vendors or even banking portals? What would happen if that file were copied to a USB stick? What if you got ransomware, and they downloaded that file?

Did you know that ransomware doesn't always encrypt your files, but they can STEAL your data too, INCLUDING THAT PASSWORD FILE!

Okay, so you're caught with your pants down, and you're vulnerable and a bit uneasy (or you should be). What do you do?

Simple. Password Managers.

Password managers can be an excellent addition to your own "Speedee" system, making password security issues a thing of the past. Not only would you not have to open up the Excel or Word file or get your handy-dandy password notebook, but you wouldn't have to type in passwords manually anymore.

But what's even better is you can share those passwords with your employees without actually having to share the actual password! For example, let's say you have an employee that needs to order supplies from Staples. But you don't want them to know the actual password. They can pull up Staples's website and go to the login page, and the password manager will prompt them to enter the details for them. They wouldn't even know what the password is.

The top 7 BIG password security issues I see every day are:

  • Have a common standardized password for your organization (CompanyNameYearEstablished!)
  • Having handwritten passwords in a book or ANYWHERE
  • Having a password File or Folder (even if that file is password protected, it's likely NOT encrypted)
  • Outdated password lists (an employee had to change a password, and they forgot to update the file)
  • Sharing logins with employees
  • Employees have YOUR company passwords stored on Google Chrome linked to their personal Gmail account
  • Owners don't have access to ALL of their passwords

With a password security manager, we solve ALL of these issues! Not all password managers are created equal, ESPECIALLY if you're a business with employees that need to log in to different sites. You need one that allows you to delegate permissions and control access to your password list.

Here's a crazy guarantee I have for you. I guarantee you that our password manager will pay for itself, with the time you save. If you're unhappy with our password manager within 90 days, I will refund 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

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